Ankeny Memorial

The memorial in Ankeny at the Fairfield Inn was a wonderful event.  About 75 people came to pay tribute to Pat.  Many of them were students of Pat’s and/or clients of Kathy’s.  Several stood to tell of how Pat influenced them.  This bulletin board of family pictures was on display at the memorial.  It was in Pat’s office directly in front of his desk, where he could look at it.
We started with an introduction of the family members that were present.  First Pat’s children were introduced – Jim, Mimi, and Carol.  They spoke of their Dad and introduced those that were with them.  Then Kathy was introduced with here children who were present – Mark, Suzanne, and Chris.

Two musician friends of Pat and Kathy played their flute and crystal bowls.  Very inspiring and professional.

Shelley Schmidt, Pat’s daughter-in-law read the 23rd Psalm.  I (Bill Schmidt, Pat’s brother) conducted the program.  I selected a couple of Pat’s favorite song’s:  John Denver’s “On the Wings of a Dream” and Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World”.  Here’s a link to Denver’s song.

I read a poem “Death is like the End of a Beautiful Song” by Rev. Carrie Lauer.  I am including it here.

A person brings into our life a certain sound
like no other sound we have heard before
We are engaged in the melody, tone and rhythm
we are emancipated from the day to day for
one brief moment in time,
Then the song ends and the depth of silence left behind
leaves a longing in our heart, a ringing in our ears
and a wish for one more note.

After the sharing of stories about how Pat influenced us, we went to a nearby park and released helium filled balloons.  This was a wish of Pat’s, as a way to demonstrate our releasing him to his next life.

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Farewell to Pat by Ed Kelly

It is with great sadness that I must bid farewell to my friend Pat. He was hand-picked by my father to begin working as a radionics instructor in 1984, a challenge he accepted and a role in which he flourished. In the 27 years to follow, Pat taught hundreds of students in both the classroom and farm environments, sharing his gift for energetic awareness and conveying the skills needed to make new researchers successful.

Pat was never satisfied to rest on his laurels, remaining eager and interested until the very end in exploring new dimensions of knowledge through radionics. He developed many new radionic rates, coordinated research projects and shared the experiences gathered through his individual and collaborative efforts. Yet, Pat never wanted credit for any of his work. Indeed, this remembrance will be the first time we have published his name despite his direct involvement in numerous articles over the years.

He will be remembered by all who knew him as a man of patience, kindness and concern for his fellows. Speaking to me in his final days, he shared one last piece of wisdom. He told me he had no fear, noting that all his time spent working with radionics had made it clear that the physical body is the very least part of who we really are.

Thank you, Pat, for all your friendship and support! You will long be remembered.

Tammy Remembers

I remember when Pat Schmidt went to Jeremy and Lorrie’s wedding.  He took lots of wedding pictures and it was so fun seeing him at Jeremy and Lorrie’s wedding. I was a bride’s maid at their wedding. Also I remember him milking his cows and feeding them and putting hay and straw bales in the barn.  Picking rocks off the field too that is along time ago.  I’ll never forget that and all the times the cows got out too.  I am glad that you make this website so cool to see the pictures of uncle Pat.  Wow very nice and he always smiles. I also will surely miss him but will keep thinking of him.  Hi uncle Bill you can put this in his website. Thank you for showing the website of Pat Schmidt for the Schmidt side of the family.  Wow very nice.
Tamara Schmidt (She is a niece of Pat’s, daughter of his brother Lynn. Picture – Tammy with grandparents and parents.)

Thoughts from Kim

Pat was a gift from God.
He was loving, patient, caring, and supportive.
He listened and then asked intelligent questions.
I am honored to have know Pat in his depths of his being such a wonderful soul.
He lived life and gave support unconditionally.
I miss him, but know he’s in a better place.
He had quite a reunion when he transcended.
I know that my brother Dan was there to greet Pat,
in his celebration of a new life, free of pain and free of limitations.
With love,
Kim Dieska

A note from Wiz

Hi Bill:

What a wonderful tribute to your brother, Pat.  It is so like you to do this.  You have always had a warm and loving heart for people.

Memories, Memories.  I remember Wally taking me on a trip to Sturgeon Bay, 60 some years ago, to meet his cousin Marion, husband Ott, and family.  As we walked thru the door I noticed many little heads peeking out from every corner in the kitchen and living room.  Marion invited us to noon dinner and all the little heads became little boys and girls sitting properly at their places, and they made room for us at that huge table in the kitchen.  Two more made no difference.  Years later, my son Bud spent many a happy hour with all those Schmidt kids, who are now grown and have kids of their own.  And, now I am a 96 yr. old enjoying my grandkids, Laura & Bill.

Pat is now in his mansion with God, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no tears.  He is at peace, and we will all meet again when it is our time to go.  Pat will always be remembered with love and all the memories and contributions he made to this life.

Love Wiz

Stories of Pat’s passing

I have visited with several people since Pat died a week ago. He deeply touched a lot of people, and even in his passing, he continues to do so. My wife Regina mentioned that Pat very vividly appeared to her in a dream just as the phone rang that told us of his death. The call was from Pat’s son saying Pat had died just a few minutes earlier. Regina said, in her dream, Pat was laughing, joyfully, like a young boy — free, spirited laughter.

Another story is from a close friend of Pat’s. That same night he had a dream with a message and experience about the path to heaven. He had a pleasant, peaceful feeling in the dream with a goldern light and an audible sound. He went from that dream to a semi-dream state to a full awake state with a continuing good feeling and a clear knowing what was happening. It was a very striking experience. The next morning, Saturday, he found out that Pat had died and he felt that his dream was influenced by Pat.

If you have a story to tell about how you knew Pat, or about how he touched you, you can make a comment to this blog entry.

I remember the days gone by

Walking to Silverdale School for eight years

Silverdale School

Silverdale School was about 50 acres from where I was born and raised.  I believe the school building is still there.  Originally, a one-room school, it has now been made into a nice home.  The Silverdale School was the school that I attended for eight years. In those eight years Dad would ask every once-in-a-while could we stay home and help pick the stones.  There were days when we wanted to get out of school.  It was good to walk to school regardless of what the weather conditions were.  We would come home for lunch and Mom would have lunch all ready for us.  One thing I was particularly proud of was that my eighth grade year in school I never missed a day in school, was never sick.  I really had a good time in that one room school saw it as an advantage starting from first grade with one teacher for all students.  By the time you get  to the fifth and eighth grade you have heard all of that so many times, it made for a better student.